The LEED system is continually developing. LEED does not certify materials; however, Mosa tiles can help buildings qualify for LEED credits in multiple ways as listed below. Also check out our detailed collection overview for quick reference.

Credit Name


Mosa Products

Mosa contribution details



Meet Credit Requirement

May impact


Sustainable Sites

7.1(LEED CI)1.PATH 4.

Heat Island Effect - Nonroof

Building that uses light-coloured qualifying tiles (Solar Reflectance Index SRI ≥29) for the exterior

1 credit point


Selected types of Mosa tiles contribute to 1 credit point. Please contact us at for specific SRI test results for the tiles of your choice.

Materials and Resources

1.2 Building re-use

Maintain at least 40% to 60% by area of the existing non-shell, non-structural components (e.g. walls, floor and ceiling systems)



40% of content: 1 point

60% of content: 2 points


50% of content:1 point

Thanks to the very long economic life span of 75 years, Mosa tiles are a good choice for contributing to credit points for future refurbishment of commercial interiors and schools.

2. Construction waste Management

Recycle and/or salvage nonhazardous construction and demolition debris


50% recyclec/salvaged: 1 point

75% recycled/salvaged: 2 points

All Mosa packaging materials are recyclable. Paper and carton is produced from unbleached, recycled paper which can be reused. Goods supplied to the USA are packed on heat treated pallets.

3.1 Material re-use

Use at least 5 to 10% (by cost) of salvaged, reused or refurbished materials as building material


5% reused materials:

1 credit point
10% reused materials:

2 credit points

Thanks to the long life span of 75 years, Mosa tiles are a good choice to get credit points for future refurbishment of CI and schools.

4. Recycled content

Sum of postconsumer recycled content plus 0.5 of preconsumer recycled content constitutes at least 10% or 20% of total cost value of project materials


10% of content:

1 credit point

20% of content:

2 credit points


Floor tiles: all Mosa unglazed floor tiles contain 21% preconsumer recycled material and therefore contribute to 1 point. Globalgrip / Softgrip tiles contain 45% recycled material: 2 points.

Wall tiles: all Mosa wall tiles contain 22% preconsumer recycled material (6x6 inch size: 25%) and contribute to 1 credit point.

Indoor Environmental Quality

4.3 Low-emitting materials - floor systems


Mineral-based finished flooring products meet credit requirement without any IAQ testing needs (according to LEED update April 2012).


1 credit point


Mosa tiles are made of non-toxic, environmentally friendly and durable materials. Main ingredients are clay, minerals and feldspar, pressed together and fired at high temperatures in our patented Ultragres process. Mosa tiles are VOC-free and qualify for 1 point.

Innovation and Design Process

1.Innovation in Design

PATH 3. Pilot Credits

Pilot Credit 21 – Low emitting interiors


1-3 points for reduced concentrations of chemical contaminants

Mosa tiles are VOC free


Pilot Credit 54 – Avoidance of chemicals of concern


Option 2. Additional Avoidance; min. 20% by cost

Mosa wall and floor tiles are third party (Cradle to Cradle®) certified and do not contain damaging chemicals over thresholds


Pilot Credit 61 – Material Disclosure and Assesment


Option 1; min. 20% by cost with EPD

Product specific third party certified type III EPD available for Mosa wall and floor tiles


Pilot Credit 63 – Whole building life cycle assesment


Min. 10% reduction on environmental impact in comparison to reference building

Data impact categories available in Mosa EPD.