The Mosa Murals Blend collection was designed and developed to allow tiles to be mixed into a ceramic whole with its own identity and signature. The heart of the collection is formed by uni-tiles grouped into colour families, and into colour tones within each family. These colour tones were selected so they can be combined not only with each other, but also with tones from other colour families.


The Lines series features a tile with a recessed, asymmetrical surface. The effect of light and shadow gives the wall additional depth, something that just one Lines tile can achieve on its own. The recessed surface is different on each tile, which allows staggered, geometrical structures - vivid yet ordered.


The Change* collection presents tactile tiled walls with a purely ceramic feel. Using just one Change tile is enough to create this feel. Each tile has been manufactured in a unique ‘controlled but random’ way, an artisinal fashion, as it were, with a thick layer of glaze on the base glaze. This means that each tile is subtly unique.

* Design by Ina Matt & Mosa Design Team